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11th and 12th        P, C, M, B

The best part of G Academy is that classes are always taken by the founder members (Nagesh Sir and Pooja Madam) which bring commitment, dedication towards the students.

Where students will not have to face any problem related to the faculty which in turn may hamper their studies.

As we are teachers and have a vast experience of teaching, so we love to teach.

Nagesh Sir already worked as H.O.D for mathematics department, worked with Army Public school to teach mathematics and Physics.

Pooja Madam worked with different school taught science for class IX and X, worked with Kendriya Vidiayala (K.V) taught class XI and XII Biology.

Ajay Jadhav Sir taught in different schools, done boards checking number of times.

Tushar Sir done his B.tech and studied from Kota Rajasthan.

For more details you can visit to our office.


  • Basic Foundation courses for IIT JEE     class 8th, 9th, and 10th.
  • Very Sunday IIT JEE preparation from class XI itself. 
  • Personality Development class on every Sunday.
  • Meditation: To improve concentration, will power and strength of the students to focus   on the career.

About G-Academy

We work for over all development of students which include development of MENTAL ABILITY, CONTROL ON EMOTION AND PHYSICAL STAMINA, as all three factors are important for over all development of students.

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