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11th and 12th        P, C, M, B

The best part of G Academy is that classes are always taken by the founder members (Nagesh Sir and Pooja Madam) which bring commitment, dedication towards the students.

Where students will not have to face any problem related to the faculty which in turn may hamper their studies.

As we are teachers and have a vast experience of teaching, so we love to teach.

Nagesh Sir already worked as H.O.D for mathematics department, worked with Army Public school to teach mathematics and Physics.

Pooja Madam worked with different school taught science for class IX and X, worked with Kendriya Vidiayala (K.V) taught class XI and XII Biology.

Ajay Jadhav Sir taught in different schools, done boards checking number of times.

Tushar Sir done his and studied from Kota Rajasthan.

For more details you can visit to our office.


  • Basic Foundation courses for IIT JEE     class 8th, 9th, and 10th.
  • Very Sunday IIT JEE preparation from class XI itself. 
  • Personality Development class on every Sunday.
  • Meditation: To improve concentration, will power and strength of the students to focus   on the career.

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9th and 10th All subjects:

We are the expert to teach class IX , X, IX and XII as all the staff of our academy has worked or working in the well known schools of both C.B.S.E and S.S.C pattern as well as check boards papers.

We teach concept base learning to the students, so that the concept should be clear and they will have keenness to learn.

Compulsory notes to be written by the students.

We follow other publishers for more practice.

Compulsory TEST on every Saturday.

Vacation batches where we complete whole portion of mathematics and science.

Board practice exam for both class IX and X are from January 1 week.


Apart from this many more things are considered by us…...

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G KIDS (GK):   we do provide classes from class 5th to 8th.

On parents demand we have started taking class 5th to 8th under G kids “(GK) as it is very important to have a good foundation for class 9th and 10th.

  • Worksheet for Maths, Science, Sst, Hindi and English are provided.
  • Guidance in home work given from the school will be provided for smaller classes specially class 5th and 6th.
  • Good atmosphere with winning spirit in heart, so that students like to come to class.
  • Regular attendance, test papers, worksheets, we keep all records to see the improvement and to cross check the students progress from time to time.

Guidance, counselling, motivation. 

About G-Academy

We work for over all development of students which include development of MENTAL ABILITY, CONTROL ON EMOTION AND PHYSICAL STAMINA, as all three factors are important for over all development of students.

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