As on demand we started taking class 5th to 8th, same way parents come forward to ask for per school for their new generation.
We have started Per School as G CUBS Pre School in Pune to provide the strength and wisdom to the thought process of these toddlers so that when they roar every one praise them.
Activity based pre school is one of its own kind as we provide all modern amenities to these kids as they understand the same and learn more fast.
Audio video session, activity base, phonics, manners, syllabus, new ideas like A B C D as below…..
A Attitude, B Boss, C character, D Desire, F Faith, G Great, H Honest, I Importance, J Joy, K Knowledge, L Love, M Mountain, N New, O Opportunity, P Positive, Q Quest, R Reach, S sympathy, T Truth, U Unity, V Victory, W wisdom, X X- Ray, Y Youth, Z Zeal.
Creativity with development of ideas and many more to exposé these little one to this modern world with value base education.

About G-Academy

We work for over all development of students which include development of MENTAL ABILITY, CONTROL ON EMOTION AND PHYSICAL STAMINA, as all three factors are important for over all development of students.

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